Garden Design & Care

Our garden designers create thoughtfully designed edible landscapes for your home. Features like flowerbeds, raised beds, and gardens help accentuate other landscaping features and provide visual appeal.

Our trained professionals have years of experience helping property owners like you choose the best plants and flowers for your planting beds, gardens, raised beds, and container gardens.

We want to see your garden thrive so we provide ongoing maintenance services of your edible landscape.


Our Garden Design and Care Services Include:
  • Sod and Soil Installation
  • Flower, Bush, and Small Tree Planting
  • Vegetable and Fruit Trees Planting
  • Garden Fertilization & Weed Control
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Irrigation installation
  • Mulch Delivery & Installation
  • Raised Bed Installation & Maintenance
  • Other odd jobs

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Specializing in Edible Gardens

Eating organic and self-sufficient living has never been more important. SJ Cleaning & Gardens is here to assist you in making that a reality with our customizable gardening and edible landscape services. 

Contact us today for a personalized edible landscape quote!

Why Choose SJ Cleaning & Gardens

SJ Cleaning & Gardens offers you reliable services in Silicon Valley and Peninsula. Our team has over 30 years of experience in janitorial and landscaping. We work in a fast-paced community where time is of the essence and our experience allows for thorough cleaning and quality landscaping for your business or residence.

Our highly experienced landscaping team is detail-oriented and efficient and has extensive knowledge of the local nurseries, native plants, fruit trees, and last but definitely not least, herb and vegetable garden that will change your perspective on life! Vegetables are essential and our experienced team will help with proper placements for your garden to maximize yield.

Our products and methods consist of environmentally friendly solutions that leave your floors and landscape cleaner and greener than ever.

"SJ Cleaning and Gardens is a legitimate business and great landscapers. Their extensive knowledge on landscape design allowed my business to have a clean and natural look. I even asked if they could help out with my garden at home! Team member 'Doctor Stanley' was able to plant me a fruit tree!"

Benny L.

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Garden Design & Care

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